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Visit Our New
pole Dance Studio

6 West St, Warwick, NY

Boutique Pole Dance and Fitness Studio.

Embody Pole Dance Studio is a niche movement space located in the quaint town of Warwick, NY. Finally experiencing the fame it deserves, Pole Dancing is empowering, liberating, and seriously fun. Get ready to become addicted to movement in a brand new way! Our top floor, Pole Dance sanctuary provides a safe space to express the dancer that dwells within you. Pole is dope, get hooked on dance today. 


Find a Class That is Right for You!

Not sure where to start? Come to an Intro to Pole Class on Wednesday’s at 530pm or Saturday ‘s at 930am!


What Can I expect to happen in my Pole Dance Class?

If you are taking a traditional, 75 minute Pole Dance Class at Embody Pole Dance, it will include a sweaty and fun dance based  warmup. After the warm-up, you will hit the poles with our without a partner ( space provided ) and learn a sexy, floor based, dance routine. The second portion of most classes will focus on learning how to mount the pole and creating beautiful pathways to the specific mounts that are being taught. The final portion of the class is for movement exploration. Each student will have some time to weave the pieces and parts of the class together to create their own expression of the dance. All classes are level appropriate.


Don’t Want to Pole Dance? Try our Bad Ass Yoga Classes! 

Embody Pole Dance studio is not just Pole Dancing! It is everything related to Pole Dancing. Look for Yoga Based movement classes starting in September, 2019. You can expect loud music, high octane, and slightly obscene, floor based movement classes that focus on building strength and flexibility. 


Start your Pole Dance Journey Today! Sign up for a Class right Away! 



Join Us In Warwick


If you have questions contact Michelle Dawson:

Located at 7 West St Top Floor, Warwick, NY 
*street parking, entrance on the side of the building.