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50 Hour
Teacher Training Course

The leader in Aerial Arts.

The Body Art Barn is the forerunner in the creation of Aerial Yoga in Orange County, New York. With a foundation steeped in the ancient practice of Yoga, the instruction of Aerial Arts presented by The Body Art Barn is unique in its approach to this advancing movement trend. Our philosophy includes effective cuing of the breath to inspire deep meditation and concentration, as well as utilizing the aerial hammock as a prop to enhance and deepen Yogic stretches.

Our sincere belief is that the enthusiasm of Aerial Yoga will be unending and multi faceted. It has popularity amongst people young and old because it is both fun and restorative. The Body Art Barn’s first annual training of this sort will inform a foundation neutral enough to give you the tools to offer this practice in many different environments.

Level 1
Aerial Yoga Certification Program

The Body Art Barns 50 hour Level 1 Aerial Yoga Certification Program is ideal whether you are looking to deepen your understanding of Aerial Yoga or become an Aerial Yoga Instructor. Students who complete this awesome Aerial Yoga Certification program will know how to structure and create a cohesive, well rounded class, acquire an understanding of aerial philosophy, and have the confidence and tools to begin teaching Aerial Yoga. As the forerunner of Aerial Arts in the area, The Body Art Barn is the ideal school to inform your practice and help you become a leader in this multi-faceted, progressive and inspiring practice: The History of Aerial Arts Level One Aerial Conditioning, How to instruct a level one Aerial Class incorporating fun tricks and safe dismounts, Aerial Safety and gain an understanding of Aerial Rigging & Yoga Philosophy as it pertains to Aerial Arts



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