Rogue or En Vogue?

Embody Pole Dance is the Child Of Wild born from Body Art.

Agreeable, Pole Dancing is sexy, fierce, and super sensual. It can also be frightening, vulnerable, and dare I say, kinda disarming. Suffice to portray, this mysterious dance modality required an entire dance floor all to Herself.

Pole Dancers, Ecstatic Movers, and Bare(ish) Ass Booty Shakers can now enjoy unraveling and letting loose in the privacy of their own studio.

Embody Pole Dance is located at 7 West Street in Warwick, NY. To get to the space, you will have to go around the side of the building and up like 50 stairs to the top floor. By the time you get to the final landing, you will most certainly, already be winded. It doesn’t matter what kinda shape you’re in, the journey up will take your breath away.

Currently, we do not have any signs, anywhere.

Call it a Pole Dance Speakeasy, EPD is the Hotel California, Stairway to Heaven, movement haven that you gotta follow the music to find. Fear not, you will find us and when you do, you will never want to leave.

So the first steps are the clumsiest. OK?

Don’t scare yourself off the dance floor. You should take an Intro to Pole Dance class first. This class will unveil the building blocks for creating a safe and realistic practice that you can spend the rest of your life rehearsing. Chances are, if you find yourself in the wrong class, you will feel out of place and may even forfeit the Pole Dance mission. This is never a good option.

You don’t have to take your pants off to have a good time.

(Said No One Ever)

Not all Pole Dance Classes require you disrobe fully. Mounting the Pole requires skin to pole contact. Pole Fluidity and Pole Choreography Classes are dance only classes that allow you to keep everything on. If pants on is more your style and you want to bring a little more fire to the dance floor, buy yourself some Pleaser Heels and bring them to class. The higher the heel, the closer to God. That’s what my much sexier pole dancer idols say anyway.

Pole Dancing can be very addicting.

It is my sometimes foolish, but wholehearted intention to get you all hooked on Pole Dancing. At EPD we plan to offer everything from Intro to Pole Dance Classes to Pre-Pole Prep and Pole Conditioning Classes.

We also know that not everybody will climb our proverbial Stairway to Heaven just to Pole Dance.


Not to worry, we have a game plan that will break your booties into the new wave. We’re about to launch some really unorthodox Yoga Based movement classes that will rock your mind and your body.

Yoga Disco on the Dance Floor, a full schedule of classes will be unearthed by Mid September. Goddess willing.

We might also get a proper sign.

Until then, we are slowly introducing ourselves to the quaint town of Warwick, NY. We are doing our best to behave ourselves whilst slowly introducing our rogue movement obsession to the community. We are currently offering classes on weekday evenings and weekend mornings. We are available for private, and semi-private parties. Likewise, we love all kinds of parties so you can invite us to those as well.

I guess what I’m trying to say is this:

Body Art gave birth to Booty Art and they’re both really freakin’ awesome.

Hope to see you moving and shaking and letting it all hang out somewhere soon.



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