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It’s Bodyart

Join us for Yoga at the Barn

The Body Art Barn is a special place. Yoga at the Barn is no exception. Offering classes for all levels, every body can enjoy Yoga in this gorgeous space. Our classes are down to earth and our teachers deliver the ancient wisdom of Yoga in a modern way. Almost all of the teachers at The Body Art Barn have been trained by Michelle Dawson. The Body Art Brand is unique. In a 75 minute Vinyasa Yoga class, you can expect great music, an impactful message, and an instant connection to the community. 



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Yoga Level 1

This class is great for beginners. Learn the fundamentals of breathing and linking breath to movement. The poses are broken down and articulated in a rudimentary way so that all bodies may enjoy the benefits of Yoga. No previous Yoga experience necessary.

Yoga Level 2

A Vinyasa pace class that focuses on more advanced poses at a faster pace. Perfect for someone who needs a little more of a challenge. Inversions and Arm Balances will be practiced. Modifications offered for those not ready for the advanced postures. No pre-requisites required. Go at your own pace.

Yoga for All Levels

This is an easy breezy, fun and down to Earth Yoga class. We want everyone to enjoy the benefits of yoga so we added a class that everyone can attend. First timers, intermediate, and or advanced practitioners, this class is for you!

Gentle Yoga

This class is designed for the Yoga novice ready to begin their Yoga journey! It is informative, user friendly, and most important, not intimidating at all! If this is your first class, we suggest purchasing the new student special: 45 dollars for one month of unlimited Yoga!

Foundations of Yoga

This is the perfect class for a Yoga novice who has a sincere curiosity about all the Things. Explore the physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects of Yoga through movement, meditation and mindfulness.

Five Dollar Yoga Class

Five Dollar Yoga Class! Suitable for all Levels! We want you to come to the Barn! Sundays at 2pm! What a way to spend the afternoon! 


Sunrise Yoga and Meditation 

One of the hardest things a person can do is sit in stillness which is why we are combining both yoga and meditation together. Challenge your mind and your life through mediation and yoga. This is a 75 minute class that starts with breathing, a specific reading and then finally, an extended meditation. If you need a chair or props to be comfortable, we will provide.




Additional Requirements
A few important notes:

*Please arrive on time. If you are more than five minutes late, the instructor will not permit you in to the class. You forfeit the class and no class credit will be granted. Plan accordingly.

*No lotion or perfume at all. Aerial Arts are all about Alchemy. Lotion will make you and your pole partners slip off of the pole. Perfumes stain the fabric and linger in the silks. We love the way you smell in your street clothes, at the barn, come all natural.

*Proper attire is necessary for training smart and effectively. Don’t be shy. Safety before Ego! We’re all One!

*No Video recording during classes. Cell phones must be put away while training. This is distracting to the instructors and the other students. We realize that you want to document your gains and will almost ALWAYS give you five minutes at the end of class to grab a quick video or a picture. If you post on social media, please tag The Body Art Barn! A little love goes a long way!

*all classes are co-ed.

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If you have questions contact Michelle Dawson: