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Feel Circus Ready with
at The Barn

Gain strength, flexibility and grace.

The Aerial Circus Hoop is really fun and a safe way to float through the air like a dancer. Just like a cirque performer, you will learn to mount, spin and dismount this round metal hoop suspended from the ceiling. It’s a non threatening, ecstatic apparatus.

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Lyra for Every Body 

Lyra Level 1

Also known as the Aerial Hoop, students will gain strength, flexibility, and grace while working on skills that include mounting into the metal hoop, spinning, and dismounting from this circus apparatus. Classes begin with a 30 minute, intelligent, floor based warm up and are followed by aerial conditioning in the apparatus. Students will be given a progressive flow to work on that will leave them feeling circus ready. 3 people per hoop. Classes are 75 minutes.

Half Price Lyra 

All the same stuff as our Lyra Level 1 class, but half the price! 


Barre Express is offered 2 days a week.

Additional Requirements
A few important notes:

*Please arrive on time. If you are more than five minutes late, the instructor will not permit you in to the class. You forfeit the class and no class credit will be granted. Plan accordingly.

*No lotion or perfume at all. Aerial Arts are all about Alchemy. Lotion will make you and your pole partners slip off of the pole. Perfumes stain the fabric and linger in the silks. We love the way you smell in your street clothes, at the barn, come all natural.

*Proper attire is necessary for training smart and effectively. Don’t be shy. Safety before Ego! We’re all One!

*No Video recording during classes. Cell phones must be put away while training. This is distracting to the instructors and the other students. We realize that you want to document your gains and will almost ALWAYS give you five minutes at the end of class to grab a quick video or a picture. If you post on social media, please tag The Body Art Barn! A little love goes a long way!

*all classes are co-ed.

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