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Take to the sky with
Yoga classes

Take your feet off the ground

Aerial yoga is a combination of traditional yoga poses done on the floor and postures practiced using a soft fabric “trapeze” (called a sling) suspended at waist height. This is the same fabric that aerialists use in the circus! With Aerial yoga our body weight is distributed between the fabric and the floor allowing us to access traditional yoga postures in new ways.

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Beginners Aerial Yoga

Do you want to try Aerial Yoga and don’t know where to start? Brand New Beginners Aerial is definitely the right class for you if you have yet to try any Aerial apparatus and have a sincere curiosity to get started in a super fun fitness practice. The Aerial Hammock will support you as you stretch, decompress your spine, and enjoy simple conditioning exercises. No previous experience necessary.

All Levels Aerial Yoga

Aerial Yoga is a practice that blends together the two traditional art forms of yoga and aerial dance. For centuries people have found freedom while flowing through yoga postures as well as dancing in the skies. All classes utilize an Aerial Yoga hammock that is made from a soft fabric strong enough to support our body weight (and then some). This gorgeous yoga hammock is a wonderful tool to teach students how to align their bodies within a variety of yoga postures as well as experiencing inversions without any compression on the spine! One does not need any experience in yoga, acrobatics or aerial dance to reap the benefits of this class. Students of all levels are welcome!

Barefoot BootCamp 

Barefoot BootCamp is a signature Barn class! We offer high interval training on our Aerial equipment. Join us during the early morning hours and train hard! 

Aerial Fluidity

This class provides Aerial lovers with a chance to dance! We take all the moves you know from the Aerial Hammock, and put them on a spin silk! Must love to spin!  

Core Aerial and Flexibility 

In this brand new hybrid class we will be utilizing the Aerial Hammock to get a rock hard core then finishing the journey with hammock based flex stretches. Strong and Flexible! Whats better than that? Perfect for all levels!

Half Price Trix and Flips 

Do you want to learn all the fun tricks? Are you young, fun and kinda broke? This is what you should be doing this Summer! 

Half Price Aerial 

All the same great stuff from our full price Aerial Classes but for half the price! Perfect for new students!

Kids Aerial and Acro Yoga

Finally! A hybrid Aerial and Acro class! Great for ages 5-13. Older kids should join our adult classes. 

Tissu Silk

Tissu Silks, also called Fabric or Split Silk, are one long piece of fabric attached in the middle to the ceiling to create two long tails. In this class you will learn to climb, invert in the air, and hang upside down. As you increase strength and comfort-level, you will learn sequences, drops, slides, and flips that allow you to descend the fabric with style and grace.

Why Aerial Yoga?

Many newcomers enjoy working with the sling because with the help of gravity there is very little pressure or stress on the joints, especially the spine. Inversions are accessed easily with no strain on the neck, back, or shoulders. Gravity eases us into optimal alignment with very little effort, and deep postures can be accessed through relaxation and delicious breathing. Our relaxation response is heightened by the unique sensations accessed in aerial yoga.

Find your strength

Hanging in the sling makes our core muscles fire. It is so much fun you don’t even realize what a great workout you’re getting. Transitioning in and out of the aerial yoga postures builds upper body strength, and resting in the postures heightens relaxation for a balanced effort overall. Aerial Yoga was designed for anyone of any age or fitness level. Complete beginners to yoga and/or aerial will be right at home. Students range in age from teens up to 70’s, with everyone working at their own level. If you have any physical limitations or concerns, consult with your doctor first.


FAQ’s and Classroom Etiquette

*Please arrive on time. If you are more than five minutes late, the instructor will not permit you in to the class. You forfeit the class and no class credit will be granted. Plan accordingly.

*Cancellation policies are strictly enforced. You must cancel within the 12 hour window to save your credit. Any classes cancelled outside of that window will be charged, this policy applies to all class passes.

*No lotion or perfume at all. Lotion will make you and your pole partners slip off of the pole. Perfumes stain the fabric and linger in the silks. We love the way you smell in your street clothes, come all natural.

*Proper attire is necessary for training smart and effectively. For Lyra and Aerial classes, spandex leggings are preferable to protect the knees. For Pole classes that involve mounting the pole, please bring shorts and plan to wear a sports bra.  Heels are welcome in all of our fluidity and flow classes.

*No Video recording during classes. Cell phones must be put away while training. This is distracting to the instructors and the other students. We realize that you want to document your gains and will almost ALWAYS give you five minutes at the end of class to grab a quick video or a picture. If you post on social media, please tag The Body Art Barn or Embody Pole Dance. 

*All classes are co-ed. The Aerial Hammocks hold up to 2000 pounds.

*All questions and concerns should be directed to Immediate responses to social media messages cannot be guaranteed. 

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