Circus School Summer Camp

10 Really Great Reasons to Send Your Kids to Circus Camp

  1. It’s Hot af. It’s the middle of August, you’re hot and bothered and you’ve run out of ways to entertain your child. The pool bores them, the television bores them, and quite frankly, they bore you. Bring them to the Barn.
  2. Self Care. You can find A LOT of ways to entertain yourself for the afternoon while referring to it as “Self Care.”
  3. The Price is Right. But if it is not, there are options. A two week session is only 499 dollars per camper. If you can’t commit to that, you can do a one week session for 275. Daily Drop In’s are only 75 bucks and we have 10% sibling discounts available. Camp is from August 12-23rd, Monday thru Friday from 12-5pm.
  4. Kids Rule Body Art. Can you imagine being a kid and being able to play at The Barn all day? They def rule the House during their camp sessions. They turn the place upside down, blast their pop songs on repeat, they have 26 aerial hammocks that they master by the end of each session, circus hoops, tissu silks, hula hoops, an outdoor Aerial space, and a chill out zone we refer to as The Shack.
  5. Empowerment through Aerial Yoga. Ironically, dropping your kid off in a big red barn with a bunch of other kids to play on Circus Apparatus leads to righteous empowerment and really big muscles in a short period of time. Their Camp Counselors are Body Art trained Aerial Teachers and they will teach them everything they need to know to choreograph a small performance.
  6. Kids Love to Perform. We gear up for a big show at the end of the two week session. It’s a fuss free performance that allows the kids to showcase what they have learned. This session we are asking for costume donations for the kids. If you have any gently used dance leotards and outfitting, feel free to drop them by The Barn.
  7. Old School Fun. In addition to Aerial Instruction, choreographing routines, and Acro Yoga fun, the kids will also tie-dye and go home with a Body Art Barn shirt, they will get henna’d, they will also get princess style hair braids, they will make friendship bracelets, run through the sprinkler, and most importantly, they will unplug from technology for the day.
  8. The Ice Mother Comes Make sure you’re at camp on this day! He’s our local Ice Cream Man and we treat you to whatever you want!
  9. They go home really, really, tired. You might even get them to bed before the Summer Sun goes down.
  10. Body Art Camp Memories last a lifetime. You will get some great images too!
Happy Camper

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