Winter Circus Camp – December 30-January 3rd

Featuring the best of Body Art:
Silks. Lyra. Henna. Yoga
Here’s a super hip way to spend the coldest days of winter locally. How would you LOVE to hang out at the Barn doing exactly what you love to do? In this 5 day immersion you will hand stand, hang in the silks, and receive henna!
We will teach you fancy tricks, and spend each day volleying between Yoga, Aerial Yoga, and Circusy fun.
We will have a mini performance at the end of the 5 day session and you will take with you an experience to remember!
Camp is for children ages 5-17. Groups will be age and skill appropriate.
*Please plan to bring a bagged lunch and a change of clothes each day. Water and snacks provided.
$250.00 or $75 per day (any of the 5 Days)
apply code to receive 10% sibling discount